Executive Trading C.C.
Executive Trading C.C.
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Executive Trading C.C. is an export trading house established in 2004 and based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We specialize in the procurement and export of Industrial Equipment throughout the African continent. All products are supported by the manufacturers and all brands supplied are sourced directly from local manufacturers or distributors.

We have established good relations with all our suppliers and are in a position to negotiate favourable prices which we then pass on to you, the customer. An added advantage of doing business with Executive Trading C.C is that we consolidate various different items into one shipment which in turn saves the customer the effort of having to liaise with many different suppliers and handle the shipping of products from each supplier. By using one source for the procurement, receiving, packaging and freight you will benefit from significant cost savings. When you buy from Executive Trading C.C., you will always have peace of mind that when your goods reach your warehouse, there will be no surprises! All the items ordered will be packed securely for export and you will receive exactly what you were expecting.

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